“The Flora” or “the Spring” is a fresco (38 x 32 cm) located at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, found in Stabiae in Villa Arianna (close to Pompeii). It's one of the most famous and loved frescoes, the undisputed masterpiece of painting from the Roman period (third Pompeian style), which surely was inspired by terracotta figurines of the fourth century BC. Represents a female figure barefoot with a light step, the veil and the hem of her dress floating in the air, in his gait turns suddenly to the side to take a sprig from a thin shrub with white flowers that she shall put in a basket in form of a cornucopia holding in her left hand. We don't know if this young woman represents a human or a divine character, and in the latter case whether she is a nymph, Flora, or a goddess.

Source : Wikipedia.

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