Altar of the Church of Albens

Autel de l eglise d albens

Year of realization : 1995
Wood used : Walnut / Wild Cherry / Oak
Dimensions : Length 220 cms / Height 105 cms / Width 91 cms

Altar realized in walnut and wild cherry on a base in oak. The bottom represents a bas-relief, a classic representation of
“Calming the storm”. On the front: emerging behind the left column, a huge wave thrown on the right column. The bow of a boat appears intact, dominating the unchained elements. 

Peculiarity : columns were realized with a plane, the elements bases and capitals with carving gouges and chisel as well as the mouldings of the base.
The panels sides of the piece of furniture are inspired by the altar and the woodwork of the Chapel of Belley (France).

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