The Pathway of The Pond

Year of realization : 2008
Wood used : Lime tree
Dimensions : Width 235 cms / Height 215 cms(without the frame)

In the municipality of St-Félix, in Haute-Savoie (France), this pathway that numerous adults and children of any ages followed, leads to the old mill, goes along
the pond of Crosagny, runs alongside hedges of big oaks, crosses wood, fields...
Taken permanently by the farmers who transported the wheat in the mill, led to the fields their herds that rushed on a narrow stony bridge that steps over clear water, but also all the others: anglers, fishermen placing their hoop nets, hunters, walkers, tourists in search of the pond... All went and came freely on this pathway without forgetting that it was for some the long way to school.
Today, in its middle thrones a barbed wire... The pathway is a symbol, the barbed wire is another one. Are they compatible?

A peculiarity of the evolution in rural areas: in a time when nobody spoke of tourism, the circuit around ponds was free of access, pathways were opened. Since we pride ourself on rehabilitating the site, on developing the tourism, the access on a big portion of the circuit is closed...

Access to the photo album dedicated to this work by clicking here.

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