Jean-Louis Berthod's Introduction

"The important is not in what I am but in what I'm doing".

Jean-Louis Berthod beside its bas-relief "The Pathway of the Pond"

Below, find Jean-Louis Berthod's presentation by Robert Ramel, artist-sculptor of Rumilly (France) deceased in 1997, during the second International Sculpture Show in La Roche-sur-Foron (France) in 1996.
"Jean-Louis Berthod is a sculptor in the pure state, without artistic formation, what gives him a total freedom and classifies him off category. He sculptures, he scratches the wood with a very precarious equipment, but as soon as he works a surface, he makes it alive, vibrating in an amazing way and he pervades his message that dictates to him his heart, his intelligence, his soul. He gets free of his main realizations with themes, Master altar of the Church of Albens, the calmed storm, the source, the verseau, the return in the farm, the song of Prévert, power, grace, emotion".

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